Sports Safety Checklist for Parents

Here's a list that no parent should be without when it comes to childe safety in sports.

  • My child has been taken to his/her doctor for a pre-participation physical evaluation (PPE) this year.
  • My child’s coaches have his/her emergency information (contact numbers, doctor information and allergy information.)
  • I know the signs and symptoms of concussion, and make sure that my athlete and his/her coach know them as well.
  • I make sure my child and the coach understand the value of rest during games and practices.
  • I send my child to practice and games with a water bottle or sport drink. My child knows the importance of drinking plenty of water before practices and games.
  • My child’s coach has regular water breaks in place so that the kids are drinking plenty of fluids during practices and games.
  • I know and look for the signs and symptoms of dehydration and I’ve ensured the coach knows them, too.
  • My child has properly fitted equipment for his/her sport. I have also talked to the coach about making sure my child is wearing it for both practices and games.

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